Board Game Rentals

Introducing board game rentals at Moonbeam Books!

A perfect solution when you need a party game for one night, or when you want to try out a game before you buy it. Rent a board game for 2 days, a weekend, or a whole week!

How it works

Choose a game to rent and decide how long you'd like to try it for. Pay the rental fee plus a $25 refundable security deposit. Have all the fun possible with the board game and return it by closing time of the due date. Your security deposit can either be returned to you with the return of the game, or carried over to your next game rental.


Rental cost

2 days         $2

weekend    $5

week           $10

Our games

Late, lost or damaged games

There is a late fee of $2 per day for any game that is not returned on the due date. This late fee will be withdrawn from the security deposit and is not refundable.

Any games that aren't returned within one week of the due date without notice of a late return will be considered lost. At that point, the security deposit becomes non-refundable and will be used to replace the lost game.

Any games that are returned damaged and/or missing pieces may be subject to a partial or total loss of the security deposit depending on the severity of the damage.


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