About Us

Moonbeam Books is the destination for the best books and gifts for kids and teens in Toronto's west end.


Moonbeam Books is an independent children's bookstore located in the Baby Point area. We sell books for kids of every age, from first board books for babies to captivating young adult reads. We also sell a selection of high quality games, puzzles and activities that inspire creativity and help build cognitive skills.

What we do

We connect readers with their perfect book.


Every kid can love reading - they just need the right spark. We make it our mission to connect every reader with a book that fits with their particular interests and that gets them excited about reading. Whether you have a reluctant reader - or an avid one - we'll find them a book that will encourage them to turn off the tech and dive into a story!

What we sell

Our selection of products is carefully curated.

Our focus on children's books allows us to stock a range of books for each age group. On our shelves, you will find bestsellers and the popular titles your kids are looking for, but also hidden gems that we think are worth the read. Our staff is very knowledgeable on our stock and is happy to provide recommendations to find your kids their next favourite book.


We also offer a selection of games, puzzles and activities for the whole family that encourage active play, creativity, and spending time together!

What we're about


Our biggest joy is seeing kids who come through our store and are excited about reading. Our product selection is carefully chosen to engage kids' enthusiasm, their imagination, and their creativity. We've designed our store so little readers can have a full experience - whether its plopping into a child-sized chair to read or diving head first into our reading tent to soar to the stars. 


Our world is incredibly diverse and so are our readers. That's why we're committed to offering diverse reads that explore different cultures and lifestyles, and let everyone feel represented in the stories they see on our shelves.


We're located in the Baby Point neighbourhood of west end Toronto, a vibrant and thriving area that has a close-knit community. We love to meet new members of our community as they walk through our door and build lasting relationships. ​We're always seeking out new ways to connect with the kids and families living in our neighbourhood and collaborate with the incredible businesses in our area.

Meet Our Staff


Owner and Book Buyer


Has a lot of feelings about Harry Potter. Master crafter.  Misses the Dystopian Era of teen books. Runs on coffee. Never actually finishes the book club books.





Certified Young Person™. Fan of life-changing books and historical fiction. Vegan. Will only gift wrap under duress. 


Chief Story Teller


Neighbourhood story telling legend. Knows all the songs but doesn't sing them on key. Loves a good, classic board book or a mystery.


Bookstore Dog



Jobs include looking cute and napping. Enjoys heartfelt, tearjerker epic novels and books about squirrels.





Certified Younger Person™. Is all about that YA Fantasy life. Thinks Wolverine is the G.O.A.T. Listens to music older than he is. 





Certified Youngest Person™. Literal Ice Princess (2005). Lives for the 'found family' trope. Not a fan of unnecessary romance plots. 

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